My 2014 in Kdrama

2014 marked a milestone for my addiction to kdrama, the addiction has stepped on a whole new level – worsen if I may say. I did all the things that I have never thought or vowed not to do related to consuming this type of entertainment. So to commemorate this ‘important’ year, I would like to share my list of kdrama that I watch throughout the year, whether a new release or a classic, by that I mean previous year.


But before that, let me tell you why I think that 2014 is a milestone and how my kdrama addiction got worse:

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The Heirs: Coming out of the Closet at last (5)

Moving on to the next chapter of Cha Eun Sang’s and Kim Tan’s love life, the part where the storm is slowly coming in. If you notice on the title I remove ‘Re-think’ as oppose to the last instalment with all intention. Last batch was so slow and lack of essence that it made me re-think my decision to liking this kdrama, but now that we are gearing up into the real drama… I think things will start to pick up again. I am just glad that we pass the love triangle and bone-fight (as in two dogs fighting for a bone) part and hope that more reconciliation is on the way.

4_1On one summer, an ordinary boy met a girl in a country far away from home, in that dream-like experience they had an interesting interaction and end up liking each other. But when they are back at home, the dream must also put on a stop as the previously teenage-love-story becomes the prince-and-the-pauper. Things got more complicated when the pauper princess is forced to be in the same pond with a bunch of materialistic teenager in a school that is way beyond her league. Moreover the engaged prince’s hands are tight no matter how hard he try to break free, as he is supposed to bear the burden of being a crown prince and nobody in his circle will let him ever forget that; his parents, his half-brother, his fiancee, his ex-best friend which by the way has a crush on his girl. Speaking of which, that little kid trapped in a violent 18 year old is finally understand that he is able to fall in love sadly he is incapable of showing it like a normal human being not to mention that he is one summer too late than Kim Tan.

Now that the love triangle arch has been set straight and his (real) mother found out about his not so dirty little secret, all Kim Tan must do is to convince her and the girl that she loves to believe in and depend on him. An explosive 18 year old which ranks 100th out of 100 students and have no job or whatsoever. Yeah! I don’t think so either…

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The Heirs: (Re-think) Coming Out of the Closet at Last (4)

Here we are… the fourth instalment of the kdrama that left me in denial. By this time, people reaction is either loving it or hating it… and as for me, I’m still eagerly waiting for more to come yet always end up somewhat unsatisfied… I feel empty and disappointed, because though every scene is at its best, but the essence (or lack of it) fails to deliver something to the heart, the one thing that kdrama is supposed to be good at.

4_1Now that we know how a single school (or entire country for that matter) can change a perfectly matched teenager into a tragic couple divided by fortune, a tough sassy girl into a spineless damsel in distress, a retired lazy ass bad boy (back) into a violent 18 year old; it’s time to be in business = the LOVE triangle. Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan could’ve had a loving – bickering teenage love, if only they just stay away from Korea let alone the highschool for 0.1% of Koreans. What once a cute and normal rapport between two 18 year old, turn to a dramatic prince-maid relationship due to their fate and the perspective on rich boys dating his live-in maid; but when both of them go to the same school along with his fiancee, his archnemesis, his ex-girlfriend and hundreds of money-oriented children, it’s not an overstatement that they are being shown why it could never works for them.Things got worse when Kim Tan’s ex-bestfriend-now-archnemesis turns out liking the same girl he does.

Great! Not only that I could not date this chick, I have to compete too? With the dude that knows my biggest secret?? And I don’t even know if she likes me or not! Dang… maybe I should just go back to America. At least, Jay Loves me…

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The Heirs: Coming out of the closet at last (3)

the heirsThird installment for The Heirs: He who wears the crown, bears the crown.

The next installment for the story of the teenage riches, young adult that is expected to be more mature than their peers, learn to see the world in numbers and shares value instead of morality and heart, repressed their dreams and wishes because of their parent’s plan to preserved the continuity of their well being.

Is love still love if it is being calculated? Are dreams are still dreams if its made by other people? Is living poor with your love ones is happier than living wealthy with your business deal spouse?

Gives a whole new meaning for ‘search for identity”

The first and second installments tells the story of how the two lead characters met in the US as two normal teenagers without status social tag on them, how putting everything aside, they are compatible human beings and have every reason to fall in love with each other… and then they are back in their own pond, facing the bitter reality that they come from whole different social class which makes them totally incompatible. However, now that they have to be in one school notorious for its social status discrimination, the challenge has never been this big because it is like seeing through a magnifying glass of how life really is in this drama world.

With all of our characters in one roof of Jeguk Highschool, they struggle with how they will fit into the pyramid. As a fish out of the water, our girl really does not have a clue of what to do in that jungle whereas our ‘tiger’ is… well a former ‘tiger’ who is still figuring out what to do in his highschool career. Nobody said Highschool is easy…

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Last Vegas: American-Older version of F4

last vegasWow! I now genuinely believe that the best bromance always come in four. If Hana Yori Dango has F4 as it’s alumni, kdrama has F44 as 4 forty something ahjusshi from A Gentleman’s Dignity, then Hollywood has its version of F64 from Last Vegas. A heartwarming movie revolving around four friends of 50 years spending weekend together to Las Vegas… a happier version of Hangover.

It’s downright funny and touching at the same time, perfect to be enjoyed with your parents. And yes… it IS Legendary.

  • Title: Last Vegas
  • Release Date: November 1st 2013
  • Cast: Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
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The Heirs: Coming out of the closet at last (2)

the heirsSecond installment for The Heirs: He who wears the crown, bears the crown.

A story of weight and responsibility that teenager and heir of the riches must bear. From a loveless relationship, ambitious parents, stock/shares based family, a world full of money yet lack of happiness.

First installment talks about how the two main leads met, in the USA, a thousand miles away from home where all the rules can be bend. Where the boy is not the prince and the girl is not the pauper. They are able to be comfortable with each other… but what happen when they are back into the world and all the rules apply once again. Can they still see each other as if they are still in the dream?

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The Heirs: Coming out of the Closet at Last… (1)

I know that majority of people out there have negative opinion about this latest kdrama hype. But… after thinking it through nite after nite after nite… I decided to come clean! I. Like. It… there! Now the whole world knows how weird and niche I am.

the heirs

  • (one of the) Title: The one who wears the crown endures the weight: The Heirs
  • Air Date: October 9th 2013 – On Going
  • Episode: 20
  • Broadcast Network: 20
  • Cast: Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Krystal, Kang Ming Hyuk (hosh!! hosh!!), Kim Jiwon, etc…
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Melodrama

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