The Imitation Game: being visionary is never an easy path

Kisah nyata seorang ahli matematika yang secara harafiah memperbaiki dunia… baik dengan memperpendek perang maupun mencetuskan penemuan mesin yang membuat kita menjadi kita yang sekarang – semua dilakukan dengan menjadi seseorang yang tidak terbayangkan.


  • Title: The Imitation Game
  • Release Date: December 25th 2014
  • Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode
  • Genres: Biography, Drama, Thriller, War
  • Tagline: The true enigma was the man who cracked the code


Sebuah film yang sangat menginspirasi dan membuat gue sadar bahwa menjadi seseorang yang berbeda dan memiliki visi 10 langkah ke depan dari kebanyakan orang tidaklah mudah, bahkan tidak jarang menjadi cemoohan dan sasaran kekesalan; apalagi bila taruhannya adalah sebuah perang dunia dan jutaan nyawa warga sipil. Film ini tidak hanya memberikan kita pengetahuan sejarah, tapi dipenuhi dengan kisah inpiratif lainnya… keteguhan dalam memegang prinsip, persahabatan, teamwork dan penghargaan terhadap orang lain yang terlihat lemah. It’s a heartwarming movie that can make you appreciate anybody you see around you. Like what they say in the movie:

Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.

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The Heirs: Coming out of the Closet at last (6)

Hosh hosh… I never knew that recapping can be a huge commitment and this series had me respect my sunbaes in kdrama recap even more: dramabeans, koala’s playground, you guys are the rockstar in my kdrama heart!!

4_1Here we are on the 6th installment of The Heirs recap series; a story of an illegitimate son of the biggest business group in South Korea who was abandoned in the U.S. He vowed to lay low and enjoy the large life that served on his plate, until he accidentally met a Korean girl who is looking for her sister. The encounter was so cute and intriguing, it leaves a deep impression that had him wondering whatever he missed out all this time and decide to rebel by going back home despite of his family opposition.

Once he’s home, he found out that things may not be according to his plan or wish. Because although he manages to find the girl that he has a crush on in a fairly near place – in his own home – she also happens to be the daughter of a mute housekeeper of that mansion; and THAT in kdramaland is a big no no. To make matter worse, big daddy decide to show him even further why they should not be together by enrolling the poor girl into the school for 1% Korean where the sons and daughters of the wealthiest family are enrolled and where poverty is an unforgivable sin. Her days are full of tension and fear of being caught as a daughter’s maid especially when the boy gave her a credentials as a new money. And the fact that the second baddest boy in the school has a special interest in her does not make her life easier, especially when that boy is an-exbestfriend-turn-to-nemesis to the other boy: our hero that said to be the baddest of them all and now chasing her all around, making it to be an unbearable love triangle to our heroine.

But what his dad never considers is that he never really know his son… in particular this son. So every strategy that the dad put front has always backfires. Now, instead of moving away from the poor girl, he loves her even more; and instead of making the girl quivers by the intimidating world, she loves him back and made them an official couple. Now, let’s see what will be bad daddy next move as he had it with the youngster that can not be tamed and start to unleashed the rage to the world and as Young Do said, this is the chapter where you can not watch it without shedding any tears. The ultimate rage of the chaebol Dad!

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My 2014 in Kdrama

2014 marked a milestone for my addiction to kdrama, the addiction has stepped on a whole new level – worsen if I may say. I did all the things that I have never thought or vowed not to do related to consuming this type of entertainment. So to commemorate this ‘important’ year, I would like to share my list of kdrama that I watch throughout the year, whether a new release or a classic, by that I mean previous year.


But before that, let me tell you why I think that 2014 is a milestone and how my kdrama addiction got worse:

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My Newly Found Crush

Do I love a character or do I love the actor behind it. That’s the question… I lightly take a chance on another kdrama last week and totally fell in love with it and found my korean crush after Cha Seung Won. It’s the combination of a great story, well-written character, superb OST and awesome cast that makes Ji Chang Wook so handsome. He nailed his loner, indifferent hero character “Healer” and just mesmerise me with his top-notch acting. I just can’t get enough of him whether when he’s kicking bad guys’ butts or disguising as a timid reporter; and now that he’s head over heel with our heroine I totally believe his crush.

The best story is the one with character development, and this character definitely developed so much even only on it’s 8th episode. Ji Chang Wook is such a good starer… just like Lee Min Ho. And it’s an interesting fact that Healer is being compared a lot with City Hunter which had Lee Min Ho as the male lead AANND Park Min Young as the heroine. But, because both is so amazing… I never complain for a similarity, it is all in the execution.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.03.12 AM

It’s a story about an errand boy notoriously known as Healer who would do anything for you beside killing, he is a rockstar in this line of business but also mysterious as he never get acquainted with any of his client or ever cared about the work that he has to do, he only wants money to fulfil his dream of retiring in an isolated island. But his life starts to change when a job requires him to get a good look of a plucky heroine, a reporter of a third rate internet entertainment news that idolises another rock star reporter which happens to be the one who gave the job to Healer in the first place. Little does he know that the three are related more than just a service order. People may have dreams and desire but in the end fate decides where to go (or the writer in this case)… Will he get the chance to have that island of his dream?

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The Heirs: Coming out of the Closet at last (5)

Moving on to the next chapter of Cha Eun Sang’s and Kim Tan’s love life, the part where the storm is slowly coming in. If you notice on the title I remove ‘Re-think’ as oppose to the last instalment with all intention. Last batch was so slow and lack of essence that it made me re-think my decision to liking this kdrama, but now that we are gearing up into the real drama… I think things will start to pick up again. I am just glad that we pass the love triangle and bone-fight (as in two dogs fighting for a bone) part and hope that more reconciliation is on the way.

4_1On one summer, an ordinary boy met a girl in a country far away from home, in that dream-like experience they had an interesting interaction and end up liking each other. But when they are back at home, the dream must also put on a stop as the previously teenage-love-story becomes the prince-and-the-pauper. Things got more complicated when the pauper princess is forced to be in the same pond with a bunch of materialistic teenager in a school that is way beyond her league. Moreover the engaged prince’s hands are tight no matter how hard he try to break free, as he is supposed to bear the burden of being a crown prince and nobody in his circle will let him ever forget that; his parents, his half-brother, his fiancee, his ex-best friend which by the way has a crush on his girl. Speaking of which, that little kid trapped in a violent 18 year old is finally understand that he is able to fall in love sadly he is incapable of showing it like a normal human being not to mention that he is one summer too late than Kim Tan.

Now that the love triangle arch has been set straight and his (real) mother found out about his not so dirty little secret, all Kim Tan must do is to convince her and the girl that she loves to believe in and depend on him. An explosive 18 year old which ranks 100th out of 100 students and have no job or whatsoever. Yeah! I don’t think so either…

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Imigrasi Pekanbaru jjang!!!

Rumbai, December 18th 2014

Semingguan ini gue bertekad untuk memenuhi janji gue ke suami… memperpanjang dan membuat paspor untuk gue dan anak-anak gue. Bukan untuk jalan-jalan, tapi cuma supaya ada aja. Setelah menunda berkali-kali akhirnya niat itu terkumpul dan karena catatan contact person yang dikasi suami gue (gue kira), hilang… maka terpaksa gue harus jalan sendiri deh. Kebayang duluan ribetnya urusan sama pemerintahan, dulu jaman ngurus paspor di Jakarta… buanyak orang, ribet dan sebagainya.

Alhamdulillah ternyata udah beda banget… karena gue kurang pengalaman aja makanya gue sampai 4 kali bolak balik ke sana. Tapi dengan berbekal pengetahuan yang cukup, gue rasa melakukan perpanjangan, penggantian dan pembuatan paspor di kantor imigrasi Pekanbaru tidak akan merepotkan. Makanya disini gue mau share, supaya temen-temen yang baca cukup persiapan dan ga dapet piring cantik kayak gue!

Note: jjang adalah kata-kata dalam bahasa Korea untuk mengungkapkan kekaguman. Sebelas-duabelas lah sama TOP MARKOTOP!!

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The Heirs: (Re-think) Coming Out of the Closet at Last (4)

Here we are… the fourth instalment of the kdrama that left me in denial. By this time, people reaction is either loving it or hating it… and as for me, I’m still eagerly waiting for more to come yet always end up somewhat unsatisfied… I feel empty and disappointed, because though every scene is at its best, but the essence (or lack of it) fails to deliver something to the heart, the one thing that kdrama is supposed to be good at.

4_1Now that we know how a single school (or entire country for that matter) can change a perfectly matched teenager into a tragic couple divided by fortune, a tough sassy girl into a spineless damsel in distress, a retired lazy ass bad boy (back) into a violent 18 year old; it’s time to be in business = the LOVE triangle. Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan could’ve had a loving – bickering teenage love, if only they just stay away from Korea let alone the highschool for 0.1% of Koreans. What once a cute and normal rapport between two 18 year old, turn to a dramatic prince-maid relationship due to their fate and the perspective on rich boys dating his live-in maid; but when both of them go to the same school along with his fiancee, his archnemesis, his ex-girlfriend and hundreds of money-oriented children, it’s not an overstatement that they are being shown why it could never works for them.Things got worse when Kim Tan’s ex-bestfriend-now-archnemesis turns out liking the same girl he does.

Great! Not only that I could not date this chick, I have to compete too? With the dude that knows my biggest secret?? And I don’t even know if she likes me or not! Dang… maybe I should just go back to America. At least, Jay Loves me…

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