Welcoming the new profession: Working Mother

Jakarta, 22 February 2011

Three months anniversary of being a working mother!!

Yeeesss!!! I did it… setelah sekian lama jadi full time mom and housewife, I’ve finally got my wish. Someone is actually having a ‘temporary confusion’ and decided to hire me. Hahahaha!!! Just kidding, Boss!! I am very grateful for this opportunity. Is it  stressful? yes a li’l bit… Is it tiresome? Like hell it is! But it is tons and tons very satisfying. Never been happier.

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2010: The Year of the Great Migration (for me…)

January 1st, 2011 00:15 am.


Wow!!! New Year in Jakarta gotten merrier this year. I didn’t remember having this much of fireworks 3 year ago!!! At approximately 12 pm, it sounded like a war zone out there!! Luckily my bedroom is on a ‘high land”, so I got to see free firework attraction from all over the place. Oh!! Did I mention?? I absolute-freakinly loooooooooooooovvvveee Fireworks. I think it is sooo romantic!! (Naah! that was just my mushy side talkin, hehehe!!)

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Not on her absolute… utmost… bestest mood

In front of large window showing dark clouds and heavily rained day.

Such a drastic opposition to the last post. Unlike the other day when I felt the world is oh-so-wonderful. Today I had to wake up with a headache. This happened a lot, but back days… this annoying headache would go away after one-long-good night sleep. Tapi akhir-akhir ini, pusingnya ngga ilang walopun udah tidur dengan pulesnya *hmm, do you consider 7 hours of sleep with twice woken up period IS sound asleep?

Needless to say, a day that started with a mess will almost-always be a messed-up day. Nothing went well today, even if it did… it still makes me grumble. It would be soo easy to push my button. This time, bare with me okay… I just want to let all the anger, the negative chi out of my bones. Soooo! Without further ado, let’s welcome the sarcasm…

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It’s a beautiful mornin’

Jakarta, 21 Oktober 2010

Dulu waktu gue masi di Jerman, gue sukaaaaa banget jalan-jalan on spring or autumn time. Saat hawanya ngga terlalu dingin atau terlalu panas, saat gue bisa pake baju layaknya orang normal. And as I walked I would breath as deep as I could… menikmati segar dan bau udara disana. I loved to do that… so much that I know I would miss it.

This morning, I felt that same air.

Tadi waktu bukain Ayah pager buat ke kantor, gue ngerasa udara hari ini enak banget. Cerah dengan awan yang merata. Jadi bukan yang bergumul-gumul gitu… mungkin itu sebabnya matahari ngga terlalu terik. Diterpa angin pagi yang segar, dengan udara yang belum kena polusi, gue sedikit ngerasa deja vu. And I thought, What a beautiful morning. Tiba-tiba aja mood gue naik sedikit.

I felt this same way, duluuuuuuu banget. Masih SMP kali ya, gue nemenin nyokap ke Rawabelong dan saat itu udaranya enak banget. Menjelang mendung, tapi ngga panas dan belum gelap. And as I walked between aisles of flower, I thought of a lot of thing. Well, imagined to be exact sih. Sebagai boyfriendless girl since baby, gue membayangkan rasanya kalo punya cowok. Ahahahaha!! Jijik ya? I think the weather brought up romantic mood in me.

It’s so funny how little things could brighten up your day, yeah?!

The Power of ‘terpaksa’

Muelheim a.d. Ruhr, 10:43 p.m

(originally) Started on January 2009 (date:forgotten)

Do you know what the strongest motivator is?? Money?? Could be… we need money to live, right? Love?? Bisa jadi… for some of us. Family?? Yeah… and what an honorary motive that is. But even when those three things are not enough to move someone, there is one stronger motivator… the great all mighty of “TERPAKSA”, hee hee…

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Mülheim a.d. Ruhr (originally wrote on) Sonntag, 22. März 2009

3:20 pm, sambil nunggu Naila bobo

Akhirnyaaaaaa, lewat juga beban hidup gue semester ini!!! Satu hal yang pasti, gue NGGA AKAN sekolah lagi setelah semua ini berakhir. Hahahaha… udah cape lah ama stress pra ujian, belajar rumus-rumus yang deep down inside gue rasa ga penting untuk hidup gue. kikikik… Well cerita dulu kali ya gimana kemarin ujiannya.

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1st Birthday Note…

Muelheim a.d. Ruhr, (originally wrote on) March 5th 2009, 11:26

Klise banget mungkin kalo gue mulai blog ini dengan kata-kata “Waktu cepet banget berlalu, ga kerasa udah hampir setaun sejak gue kedatangan tamu tetap di rumah”. Setelah gue berdiri disini, waktu setaun memang terasa ngga lama… tapi sebenernya banyak banget yang udah terjadi dan sebenernya setaun itu lama.

Masi sekitar 18 jam lagi waktu official ulang tahunnya Naila. Tapi ga papa lah… kita anggap aja 34 menit lagi umur Naila embel-embelnya ‘taun’ bukan ‘bulan’ lagi. To celebrate it… I would like to give her my first present out of thousands to come.

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