Inspiration of the Day: tips from Opa Bob Sadino

bob sadinoBob Sadino, one of the best businessman of Indonesia from my perspective. He managed to become this successful only from selling eggs. His work ethic and perseverance is what I think the secret behind his success.

In the midst of doubt about the project I am working on, I found this article: a 10 tips from Bob Sadino of how to conduct business. I am so inspired I nearly cried… So here it goes, I hope you will be as inspired as I am…

1. Turn idea into realisation

An idea is only an idea when you don’t make it happen… having idea alone is not an easy thing to do (not anyone can come up with idea of business) but making it happen, is almost a miracle. I say almost because so many people can do it… so it is not impossible it just not a lot of faith. He said:

try to make even the smallest idea to happen, even a big idea came from the small one.

2. Don’t over analyse

For us amateurs… we tend to be afraid of failing so we over analyse the cost and revenue of the business that we intend to make. On one hand, it is good to be prepared… however this can also make us afraid of doing things, taking chances and moving forward. He said:

Just do it! profit and loss – the result of the business depends on how much work and faith you put into it.

3. Success does not come instantly

Stay away from dramas on TV (kdrama for example? Hihihi) or movies which shows that success can happen in 16 episodes or in 3.5 hours; even though in reality the story spans for decades. Why? because it makes us think that success can happen overnight (when you watch the drama marathon), which is not… ever. He said:

Anything that is achieved instantly will be gone instantly. Success can not be achieved without a long and complicated journey. If you found any obstacle, don’t give up and try again

4. Dream Big

Gosh! Honestly, I tell this to people… I am a realist kind of people which means not too optimistic but also not a pessimist, which means I think that you can only achieve some of your dream, 3/4 at the most. So, if you don’t dream big, you can only achieve the 3/4 of the little dream that you have. If you want to achieve big, dream bigger than that… My personal opinion that I think got a scoff from several people. Man, I was touched when I notice that the late Bob Sadino said the same thing I did. He said:

To dream is free so keep dreaming and strive to make it happen…Those dreams are what motivate you to achieve success

5. Think Positive

His examples are when Thomas A. Edison invented 999 failed light bulbs, he didn’t see it as a failure, he saw it as 999 ways not to make a light bulb. One of the ways that I learned from my boss to stay positive is: Separate the idea from the person… we may or may not like the person who came up with the idea, but we can not put the source of the idea as consideration when we judge the idea itself. Otherwise, we would miss out a great idea just because it came from someone we find annoying. Focus on the work… and nothing else. He said:

Positive thinking will facilitate our steps in solving any problems that would come up.

6. Prioritise quality and customer satisfaction

No further explanation required, I learned Customer Relationship Management during college so I believe that delivering quality to ensure customer satisfaction is must in doing business, we can not afford to loose one customer due to bad quality, because people talk… in the end it could ruin our business and reputation. He said:

Never let customers down although you have to loose profit to make them happy. Because of customer satisfaction then a new business can succeed.

7. Focus and Committed

May I add passionate too, Sir? Because we passion we will be able to focus and commit to what we do. What is passion? Here is my point of view about it. He said:

Never start a new business if the previous business has not been successful. Doing several business at the same time will split focus and the result would be the optimum. Work the first one until it settles and become a successful business, then start another one.

8. Work Hard – Work Smart

Work hard I know… but what is Work Smart, Opa? He said:

Do not forget to do business strategically to keep things more efficient and effective

yeah! but how???????????

9. Be kind to people

So they will be kind to you too??

Good behaviour which you have shown will be one of the added value when doing business. Society will put great confidence and trust if you have good behaviour and politeness. It is useless if you have a good product or service but your attitude and behaviour toward others are bad, people will be reluctant to deal with you.

Check! Treat people the way you want to be treated, right?

10. Put God into you business

Don’t forget your faith, always pray to God to ask for success. It is no used of doing so much effort without relying to God for its realisation. He said:

Always engage God the Almighty in every activity of your business so that everything runs smoothly and everything you do can produce good results.

Inspiring isn’t it? Thank you Opa Bob Sadino for giving us the secret of your success. Hopefully in this no-so-ideal world, we can be a businessman as successful as you do. Rest in Peace Bob Sadino, may your legacy lives on!

PS: If you are wondering about the project that I’ve been working on that makes me want to cry when I read this article? Here it is… read it to your heart content, use it is preferable.


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