My Newly Found Crush

Do I love a character or do I love the actor behind it. That’s the question… I lightly take a chance on another kdrama last week and totally fell in love with it and found my korean crush after Cha Seung Won. It’s the combination of a great story, well-written character, superb OST and awesome cast that makes Ji Chang Wook so handsome. He nailed his loner, indifferent hero character “Healer” and just mesmerise me with his top-notch acting. I just can’t get enough of him whether when he’s kicking bad guys’ butts or disguising as a timid reporter; and now that he’s head over heel with our heroine I totally believe his crush.

The best story is the one with character development, and this character definitely developed so much even only on it’s 8th episode. Ji Chang Wook is such a good starer… just like Lee Min Ho. And it’s an interesting fact that Healer is being compared a lot with City Hunter which had Lee Min Ho as the male lead AANND Park Min Young as the heroine. But, because both is so amazing… I never complain for a similarity, it is all in the execution.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.03.12 AM

It’s a story about an errand boy notoriously known as Healer who would do anything for you beside killing, he is a rockstar in this line of business but also mysterious as he never get acquainted with any of his client or ever cared about the work that he has to do, he only wants money to fulfil his dream of retiring in an isolated island. But his life starts to change when a job requires him to get a good look of a plucky heroine, a reporter of a third rate internet entertainment news that idolises another rock star reporter which happens to be the one who gave the job to Healer in the first place. Little does he know that the three are related more than just a service order. People may have dreams and desire but in the end fate decides where to go (or the writer in this case)… Will he get the chance to have that island of his dream?

There is something about a scene where a man’s jaw dropped seeing his crush dressed up… and Ji Chang Wook succeed in making me smile to myself and hit rewind button 10 times for just looking at him nervous. And boy! I never know a man can be so cute being nervous…


The eyes… THOSE eyes… I’m gonna go melt, now!

And that look in his eyes when they linked arms, that’s a confidence for having the best accessory a man can have in a party: her. Do I love Ji Chang Wook or do I love Seo Jung Hoo (codename: Healer)?


Cue Michael Learns to Rock’s Eternal Love: “Oh My Love… I’m all yours!!”

I do hope I can make a recap out of this drama, along with Pinocchio the other obsession of mine lately. The drama is only at 9th episode right now… so I don’t know when I’ll be able to do the recap (or if I ever going to get around it) but because I could not stop thinking about “Healer” i decided to post something short and sweet… Gaaahh!! Why so good!? I’m in kdrama heaven!

Updated on January 11th 2015: I think I have found my answer… I fell in love with Seo Jung Ho (Healer) – the character and not really with the actor Ji Chang Wook. Of course I think he is a very multi talented and highly skilled actor so I AM a fan and I think I will continue to follow all of his work from now on; but seeing him in a variety show, he’s cute and all… but made me realise that the crush stops there and not so much in personal way. Which is good… because I’m married. Haha!!


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