Today, Seven Years Ago

Candied 1268Today, seven years ago

You said your wedding vow in one go

From then on you’re always my numero uno

For our marriage musical, that was our ‘doe’



Picture2aThough it wasn’t always milk and honey,

There were even times when we’re short on money

People might say I’d sometime regret

But Boy! Am I glad that we met…



Candied 1595It was not always laughter

But at least the tears didn’t make us waver

And eventhough It’s not always laughter you bring

But one of my precious possesion is this ring



Candied 1906I know it will never always laughter

At least I won’t fuss over small matter

Giving up is one we can never cater

It’s mind over matter



Candied 1820Seven years ago today

We both say okay

Through joy and sadness, to never say nay

To be happy is the price we must pay



Here’s to seven years

And hoping for seventy more

To have family that is always near

In our heart, in our mind… loving to the core.



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