Housewife’s Diaries: The challenging work of IRONING!

Jakarta, 18 Februari 2011 (haha! Look at the date!!)

Hey Ho!! Akhirnya edisi kedua dari Housewife Diary nya dimulai juga… (mulainya sekarang, muncul ke ‘panggung’nya kapan… gue juga belum bisa prediksi. Hehe). Sorry it took too long, ya. Because even though the topic has been inside my brain for quite awhile, the motivation and time has just arrived.

Setelah cuciannya kelaaaar – hahaha lama amat ya nyucinya? Dari edisi pertama publish ampe sekarang baru selese – saatnya melakukan pekerjaan yang amat gue benci tapi sangat perlu. Nyetrika a.k.a. ironing. Kenapa gue benci?? Truthfully, gue ga pernah ‘survive in one piece’ kalo lagi nyetrika. Pasti ada aja kecelakaan kerjanya (I should just take a picture of all the injuries and put it here, right??). Dan gue ga pernah puas dengan hasil setrikaan gue yang kadang masih kusut. Which is why, this is a good topic to discussed or for a research. taelaaahhh… talking like a true scientist.

So without further ado, let’s welcome the IRONMAN!! – as in: the Man who iron, hehehe!

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The Heirs: Coming out of the closet at last (3)

the heirsThird installment for The Heirs: He who wears the crown, bears the crown.

The next installment for the story of the teenage riches, young adult that is expected to be more mature than their peers, learn to see the world in numbers and shares value instead of morality and heart, repressed their dreams and wishes because of their parent’s plan to preserved the continuity of their well being.

Is love still love if it is being calculated? Are dreams are still dreams if its made by other people? Is living poor with your love ones is happier than living wealthy with your business deal spouse?

Gives a whole new meaning for ‘search for identity”

The first and second installments tells the story of how the two lead characters met in the US as two normal teenagers without status social tag on them, how putting everything aside, they are compatible human beings and have every reason to fall in love with each other… and then they are back in their own pond, facing the bitter reality that they come from whole different social class which makes them totally incompatible. However, now that they have to be in one school notorious for its social status discrimination, the challenge has never been this big because it is like seeing through a magnifying glass of how life really is in this drama world.

With all of our characters in one roof of Jeguk Highschool, they struggle with how they will fit into the pyramid. As a fish out of the water, our girl really does not have a clue of what to do in that jungle whereas our ‘tiger’ is… well a former ‘tiger’ who is still figuring out what to do in his highschool career. Nobody said Highschool is easy…

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Last Vegas: American-Older version of F4

last vegasWow! I now genuinely believe that the best bromance always come in four. If Hana Yori Dango has F4 as it’s alumni, kdrama has F44 as 4 forty something ahjusshi from A Gentleman’s Dignity, then Hollywood has its version of F64 from Last Vegas. A heartwarming movie revolving around four friends of 50 years spending weekend together to Las Vegas… a happier version of Hangover.

It’s downright funny and touching at the same time, perfect to be enjoyed with your parents. And yes… it IS Legendary.

  • Title: Last Vegas
  • Release Date: November 1st 2013
  • Cast: Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
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The Heirs: Coming out of the closet at last (2)

the heirsSecond installment for The Heirs: He who wears the crown, bears the crown.

A story of weight and responsibility that teenager and heir of the riches must bear. From a loveless relationship, ambitious parents, stock/shares based family, a world full of money yet lack of happiness.

First installment talks about how the two main leads met, in the USA, a thousand miles away from home where all the rules can be bend. Where the boy is not the prince and the girl is not the pauper. They are able to be comfortable with each other… but what happen when they are back into the world and all the rules apply once again. Can they still see each other as if they are still in the dream?

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