The Birth of an Idol

Jakarta, 14 Juli 2011

How can someone be so talented yet the other be so talentless?

That was my status on July 13th, triggered after landed on my favorite blog from my favorite blogger… I found out that there are those people that is so talented at a lot of things, but there is also me… a person without any talent or whatsoever.

Just like in that movie Unbreakable. The world really is Yin and Yang, the world sometimes can be plain black and white. If there is someone so weak and fragile like the character played by Samuel Jackson (namely Elijah Price), so there must be someone somewhere that is a total opposite. Someone who is strong and never once feel the thing called pain and sickness; the character played by Bruce Willis (David Dunn).

Years and years ago, when I was craving chocolate chips cookies… I found this great food blog on the Internet. The recipes was outstanding, the pictures were beautiful and the writings were brilliant. I fell in love at the first sight. Even though I rarely tried to cook it, but I don’t mind to surfed around the foodblog just to consume the fresh picture and read how food can be so fun.

That blog inspires me so much. I knew I could not cook, and photography is just not my thing, but at least I enjoy to write…so wanting to write like the blogger really is one of the reason to keep this barf bag thingy.

Years later I found her personal blog, and I was just BLOWN. AWAY.

She knows how to cook, she knows how to take picture, she knows how to communicate well through her writing, and she is very creative and passionate in everything she does. She can do 100 different types of jobs and good at it, she was once a radio announcer, a copywriter, a researcher and even a production engineer… and to me it means she live her life to the fullest; which I would give my life for.

What I envy about the little facts that she did 1001 jobs to date, is that she gets to do whole bunch of things before she decides what she wants to do with her life; and being good at everything is a ‘tiny’ bonus for that. At the end, she decided to do the thing she likes the most, the things she is most passionate of and probably the thing she does best.

To be able to know what we want to do and do it diligently is a luxury, in my 29th year living I still am not certain whether what I do is what I really want to do; and if I may add… I still don’t have the courage to pursue what I want to do so instead I do what is laid out in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, I still do everything as best as I could… but wouldn’t be nice to find out what you’re good at, what you want to do and really do it to support your living?

I come to realize that to pursue your dream instead of going along with the mainstream takes a lot of courage, and that particular thing is what I lack of. I went to elementary school to high school like everybody that I know does, I went to college like most of people do, I flipped through Saturday newspaper to search for job vacancy, went to an interview, got a job, worked 7-4, resigned, got married, knocked up, got my master and so on.. And so on. I practically did what was laid in front of me and what most people that I know usually do. Gosh!! Now I feel like I don’t have a backbone…

That’s why I get particularly impressed with those who has the talent, the skill, the passion and brave enough to break free out of the box and just be what they want to be and do what they want to do (in a good way though). Those who are able to create their own choices and opportunity instead of merely-grabbing one. I admire them for the spirit and their effort in pursuing their dream.

Which leads us back to Ms. Pennylane, who in my eyes is living in my dream. A talented, creative young woman with lots of bright ideas, experiencing one exciting job to another, bringing inspiration to hundreds may be thousands of people and being happy at what she does. Gah!

I’m officially a fan…


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