2010: The Year of the Great Migration (for me…)

January 1st, 2011 00:15 am.


Wow!!! New Year in Jakarta gotten merrier this year. I didn’t remember having this much of fireworks 3 year ago!!! At approximately 12 pm, it sounded like a war zone out there!! Luckily my bedroom is on a ‘high land”, so I got to see free firework attraction from all over the place. Oh!! Did I mention?? I absolute-freakinly loooooooooooooovvvveee Fireworks. I think it is sooo romantic!! (Naah! that was just my mushy side talkin, hehehe!!)

It was absolutely different than last year, I remember stayed up with hamung (this doesn’t mean that he was awake, you do realize that… don’t you?? Hehe) on the living room, I opened the curtain and saw a bit of fireworks from afar. I remember exactly how I felt… that was my last chance to see fireworks in Muelheim, my last ‘new year’ in Germany; and I imagined what would I do ‘next year’. I remember thinking that after that point, everything would pass so quickly and by no time we would take that airplane and went back to Jakarta.

Well!! Here I am, one year and series of migrations later… A lot has happen in the 365 days of 2010 and yet everything felt so quickly. And by saying “migrations”, I am not just talkin about moving to one place to another… but from one condition to another.

From Heerstr 73, 45478 Muelheim a.d. Ruhr to Jakarta, Indonesia

From that one parent’s house to another every weekend

From a baby to a preschooler

From a bump to an employee

From a “full time mom” to “mom and freelancer” to a “working mom”

From a penniless woman that had to go against her basic instinct to spend money on that cute little dress to a woman that has guilty feeling after buying three dresses in a bazaar. (that may sound hyperbolic but 100% true story)

From a crybaby that always to be with “my mother” to a baby that chooses her granny over her mother (hiks!!)

See?? a lot has changes for our family. And though I do miss our old days (who wouldn’t miss the lay-back days??), I am so grateful of what we achieve on 2010. It was a good and full of struggle year for us: so glad that it ended in a very good way… I couldn’t ask for a better ending.

I had a good year, I hope you do too!! See you on the next post (which I hope will be out soon, my #1 new year resolution)!!


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