2010: The Year of the Great Migration (for me…)

January 1st, 2011 00:15 am.


Wow!!! New Year in Jakarta gotten merrier this year. I didn’t remember having this much of fireworks 3 year ago!!! At approximately 12 pm, it sounded like a war zone out there!! Luckily my bedroom is on a ‘high land”, so I got to see free firework attraction from all over the place. Oh!! Did I mention?? I absolute-freakinly loooooooooooooovvvveee Fireworks. I think it is sooo romantic!! (Naah! that was just my mushy side talkin, hehehe!!)

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Anticipation… Anticipation!!

Can’t wait to be able to watch Secret Garden… ya kdrama lah, apa lagiii??? Three reasons of why to watch this show: 1. It is written by the same writer as CITY HALL 2. It has boy girl body-swapping plot (illogical and unrealistic plots are my favorites) 3. Ha Ji Won and… Hyun Bin (need I say more??) as of now, it is still in episode 6 I think… still a long way to go until the subs for the last episodes are out. Keeping my fingers cross for a great drama!! As for my next writing, I am still in the process of writing a review on Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I am very passionate about this (as in City Hall Review), so please anticipate it. I think all City Hall’s lover would find this drama great too.