Not on her absolute… utmost… bestest mood

In front of large window showing dark clouds and heavily rained day.

Such a drastic opposition to the last post. Unlike the other day when I felt the world is oh-so-wonderful. Today I had to wake up with a headache. This happened a lot, but back days… this annoying headache would go away after one-long-good night sleep. Tapi akhir-akhir ini, pusingnya ngga ilang walopun udah tidur dengan pulesnya *hmm, do you consider 7 hours of sleep with twice woken up period IS sound asleep?

Needless to say, a day that started with a mess will almost-always be a messed-up day. Nothing went well today, even if it did… it still makes me grumble. It would be soo easy to push my button. This time, bare with me okay… I just want to let all the anger, the negative chi out of my bones. Soooo! Without further ado, let’s welcome the sarcasm…

Cappppeeeee banget rasanya!! Maybe it’s the tiring last three weeks, maybe it’s the headache, or maybe it’s the high level of boredom… but I just don’t feel alive today, I just don’t have all the cheery that always followed me like little Chihuahua. I just don’t feel like it… there! That settles everything, right?

My baby is at her normal-fretful-demanding-cheerful self today. Which would perfectly fine If I just had a better mood. But today, my level of tolerance was just soooo low, I could snap just by a little thing.

Why do I have to have an argument every and each time she needs to take a bath? It’s like “No” is her only and immediate answer to the order: “mandi, yuk??” Satu juta seribu satu alasan langsung keluar begitu diajak mandi. Yang mau makan, lah… yang mau bobo, lah… yang mau minum susu. Hal-hal yang biasanya susah untuk disuruh, dijadikan alasan untuk ngga mandi. *grumble…grumbleee “=$!&§%!$§%”$!§%$&. akhirnya setelah satu botol susu yang membuktikan dia ngga ngantuk, mandilah dia dengan terpaksa.

Even after the bath, she still said that she was sleepy and wanted bobo. After I-don’t-know-how-many-minutes and another bottle, I snapped (again)! Maybe it’s the mood talking, tapi kadang gue sebbeeel banget kalo lagi mau ngapa-ngapain dan she demanded my attention for something that is only her trick to get my attention. She knows already how to do that, you know!! Kalo misalnya gue lagi sibuk nih ya, trus dia ‘aga’ gue cuekin… tiba-tiba aja langsung minta hal-hal yang dia tahu pasti langsung dapet immediate attention gue. Yang mau makan, lah… mau pipis… mau susu. *grumble grumble $/&(%$(&%$(&%&/$/&%$

I asked for a help to my helper, to get my pants to the tailor and fix it. I asked her about a week ago… and when I asked her the status today, she said: “Besok, ya Mbak!!?” Maybe it’s the mood thinking again… What if it was my mother who asked for it, would she took the favor for granted like this?? See!? So easy to push my button today, rite? Sometimes I wonder, maybe I should be a little bit bitchy so that people respects me more. *grumble grumble (&/%$(/&%/&)(/&%)%)(%& (This post should entitled: grumble grumble instead. Haha! *in cynical laugh kind of way)

It’s time to eat, my daughter ask for a meal… so sweet of her, right? So I made it… saat udah jadi, gue suruh dia bersiap duduk manis di kursi makannya. Sementara gue siapin makanan di mangkoknya, memotong-motong isinya sambil jalan. Something that no normal person should do. And guess what!? The whole thing spilled… wow! a pinnacle or should I see the deepest ravine of today. *grumble grumble §$%§&%$§/&%$/(&% (seriously thinking about changing the title, now). I made another dish.

Gue kira Naila bakal makan dengan lahapnya, tak bersisa sampai meneguk isi mangkok seperti biasanya. After awhile and one hour of Spongebob, she said… in a loud an proud voice “Udah!!!!!”. I looked at her bowl… still half full and added with her DRINKING WATER!!!! *Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!Grumble grumble grumbleee §$%/%&$&/$&%$&/$ (Now, this would be too long of a title right?) My normal self, would stay calm and feed her the rest of her food… but my not-so-in-the-mood self, just brought back the already mushy dish to the sink, washed it, and went to the room.

akhirnya Naila bobo… a little breath of fresh air, and a set of regret. Definitely not making the day better.

Browsing the newsletter from job hunter site that I subscribed… Nope!! Nope!! Not for me… Needed too much of experience… Too high of requirements… Too low of requirements… company confidential (wtf??)… Nope!! Nope!!! Next… Better luck next time! *sigh nope, kurang mengena… it should be *grumble grumble §$%§/&%$/&%$&/%$/&$%

Ngiahahahahhaa… and you thought this post would full of curses and dirty words?? Sorry babe, this is a PG, kids-friendly blog.

PS: Jadi pingin belajar moto (Baca: mem-foto). Gak ada hubungannya yak??


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