Petualangan si Perawan Salju

Muelheim, (originally wrote on) 10 Januari 2009 1:52 pm

Every people have his or her own addiction; drugs, booze, shoes, shopping… Me? I have an addiction to Jacket. Hahaha even when I was still in Jakarta – where the sun shine 24/7 – I always attracted to jacket, pullover, sweater or any kind of outer clothing for that matter. Suatu saat waktu gue lagi shopping ama nyokap dan (lagi-lagi) megang jaket di gantungan baju, nyokap langsung nyeletuk “Jakeeettt lagiii…” Waktu akhirnya gue decide akan berangkat ke Jerman, Tante gue sempet bilang “Akhirnya Rubi bisa juga make jaket kemana-mana, just like you ever wanted!” Kinda make you feel that this whole German thing is my fate, huh??

I also loved snow, well I thought I was… my favorite color is white, I loved the sight of snowy night in a movie. I thought it was soooo romantic for people to walk under the snow, with rosy cheek caused by the cold, wearing chic outerwear, walking graciously in between the snowflakes. The udik side of me thought that I really wanted to experienced that. Tapi sayangnya, walaupun gue saat ini tinggal di negara yang kadang dinginnya bisa sampai -4 tapi setelah hampir dua tahun gue belum bisa ngerasain semua itu. Somehow the so-called global warming made last winter not to snowy, at least in where I lived.

Well anyway. tiba-tiba minggu yang lalu gue bangun tidur dan menyadari di luar putiiiih semua. Sooo beautiful, just like the kind of winter wonderland I’ve imagined before. And I was so excited to think that finally I could get my glorious snow walk.

Tapi yaaaa, ternyata untuk bisa berjalan dengan cantik di salju butuh modal bessaar!! You’d need the right shoes, the right coat, the right gloves, hats and sometimes someting to cover your ears (I don’t know the name of it). As for me… I have those things but minus ‘the right’. Of course to be able to walk beautifully in the snow you have to feel comfortable in other words warm enough to keep your body from shaking. You have to make sure that your coat is thick enough, you scarf is not making you itchy and your gloves are big enough for you to move yet warm enough to protect you. I should have done that… but I didn’t.

I don’t know how everybody else can do it? but I could never feel comfortable in cold surroundings. I just keep shaking. So, instead of berjalan dengan cantiknya… gue harus melipat tangan, memeluk diri gue sendiri just to survive. And it’s not pretty at all. I look like hunchback of Notredamme to be exact.

My gloves are too small, I bought it two years ago out of desperation. I’ve just arrived on early march, late winter, and I was so freakin cold that I decided to buy a gloves. But it was late winter, and nobody but me needed gloves. So the only thing I could find is this brown-leather-ESPRIT gloves that I think one size too small. So everytime I wears it, I could not clench. I have to stretch my palm wide open everytime. Needless to say, my hands are completely useless while wearing those gloves.

The other important thing -which I don’t have-is the right shoes. All I have is this boots, this chic-wooden-platform-for-mall-used-only kind of boots. The kind that is not very suitable for slippery path such as iced sidewalks. But that boots are the closest thing I have to keep my feet warm, so I don’t really have any choice, do I?? Akibat ketidak-kompatibelan (halah ngaco banget siy bahasanya??) sepatu gue… gue harus jalan dengan extra hati-hati, cari jalur yang bebas es dan kalau bisa bebas salju – karena jalur ber-es sangatlah licin dan salju bisa bikin sepatu gue basah dan bikin kaki gue beku.

Sooo, instead of my gracious snow walk I’ve dreamt of, picture this as MY snow walk… Hunchback of Notredamme with stiff and wide open palm, walking rigidly to keep her balance and trying to stay dry at the same time, having full awareness to grasp something in case she fell (yea, I slipped twice already, thank you very much), and with oh-so-not-Audrey-Hepburn-face to make matter worst. It’s not so pretty after all… oh well, there goes my gracefull snow walk.

Well anyway… postingannya ga penting ya? Just thought to spiced up the blog a li’l bit with something stupid.


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