Muelheim a.d. Ruhr, (originally wrote on) January 20th 2009, 10:57 p.m.

Can’t think of anything nice to start this blog, didn’t even plan to write something either. Just feelin so very very stuffed and wanted to get everything out.

Tadi gue abis ngintip album-album foto, terutama yang isinya temen-temen masa lalu. And suddenly it hit me…

I miss those time so much… miss my friend… I wish I still have them by my side.

and I realize something…

I missed a lot of things back then, for some reason (that look silly right now) I missed out a chance to had fun with my friends, and I was and still am the missing kid of the group.

now that I am here, I am missing out a lot more. I’m bummed… I’m sad… I miss them.

It sucks when your bestfriend told you that they’re getting married and you know you would not be able to be there for them. It’s so sad to see picture of them smiling happily together when you know you should’ve been there.

Yes, there are  period of time in my life that is now a big regret for me… I don’t wish to erase it, I just wish I handled it more wisely. But I only have myself to blame.

The point I’m trying to make is, I MISS MY FRIEND SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

-In the midst of loneliness ditinggal ayah…-


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