1st Birthday Note…

Muelheim a.d. Ruhr, (originally wrote on) March 5th 2009, 11:26

Klise banget mungkin kalo gue mulai blog ini dengan kata-kata “Waktu cepet banget berlalu, ga kerasa udah hampir setaun sejak gue kedatangan tamu tetap di rumah”. Setelah gue berdiri disini, waktu setaun memang terasa ngga lama… tapi sebenernya banyak banget yang udah terjadi dan sebenernya setaun itu lama.

Masi sekitar 18 jam lagi waktu official ulang tahunnya Naila. Tapi ga papa lah… kita anggap aja 34 menit lagi umur Naila embel-embelnya ‘taun’ bukan ‘bulan’ lagi. To celebrate it… I would like to give her my first present out of thousands to come.

I wish her health… I wish her happiness… I wish her all the things she needs to reach them.

I wish her kindness of heart… I wish her compassion to others… I wish her sensitivity to her surrounding.

I wish her intelligence… I wish her creativity… I wish her wittiness…

I wish her love…

I wish her skills to struggle… her sense of responsibility… I wish her  awareness of knowing her place and be someone who does not annoyed

I wish her all the joy in the world

I wish her superiority with great humbleness… I wish her to be the best yet she does not know that she is the best.

Last but not least (for today) I wish her closeness to God, remember to be grateful for where you’ve been, where you are and where you’ll be, Naila!!

and as your mother, this is what I would like to say after a year spending time with you:

I am so freakin proud to be you mother!! With all the good things and the bad things that you do, I am still proud to be the one you called ‘Mom’ -eventhough you haven’t call me that yet- We’ll try to overcome the bad ones eventually.

I am so sorry for any mistake I’ve done this past year, God knows how much mistakes I made. I will try and try to perfected my mothering skill, hope someday you’ll be proud to be my daughter too.

I am looking forward for the next years to come we’ll spend together… eating ice cream at the coffee shop, riding bikes to school, teaching you how to wear make up, soothing you from your first break ups, gossiping about a cute boy, seeing your first date, helping you with your marriage and so on and so on.

I loooovvveeeeee you so much!!!! You are my favorite and greatest possesion.


ps: I am not a very productive blogger, aren’t I?? Setaun, postingannya cuma se-emprit. hehehe…


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